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Water Revenue FAQ

Q:  What could be making my water bill high?
A:  One of the main causes of high water bills is a toilet that is not functioning properly.  This is the case probably 95% of the time.  If a toilet does not shut off or if the water level is set too high in the tank, water will be wasted.  Another reason may be leaks that you are unaware of.  Your water meter registers all water that passes through it.

Q:  Why does my sewer charge fluctuate from month to month?
A:  The rates for sewer usage are based on water usage.  This being the case, any water that is used will also affect your sewer charges.  (This includes lawn watering, car washing, filling pools, etc.)

Q:  Does the City of Jennings make adjustments for filling swimming pools?
A:  No.  The Attorney General’s Office put out information saying that this practice is illegal, so we do not do this.

Q:  When are water bills printed and when are they due?
A:  If you live within the city limits of Jennings on the north side of the railroad tracks or if you live in Silverwood, your bill is printed on or near the 14th of the month and it is due by the 4th of the following month.  If you live within the city limits of Jennings on the south side of the railroad tracks, your bill is printed on or near the 24th of the month and is due by the 14th of the following month.

Q:  How much deposit is required to open an account and when is it refunded?
A:  A residential water deposit is $100.00 and a commercial water deposit is $125.00.  Deposits are mandatory on all new accounts and are held as long as the account is active.  When an account is closed, the deposit will be applied toward any bill owed and a refund check will be mailed to the customer for the remaining deposit amount.

Q:  Does the City of Jennings Water Dept. offer an automatic bank draft option for water bill payments and if so, how does it work?
A:  Yes, the City of Jennings offers an automatic bank draft option for payments of water bills.  We have been offering this free service since January 1999.  The way it works:  Once enrolled in this plan, the total amount of your water bill will be deducted electronically from either your checking or savings account. (you choose which account you wish to use)  You will still receive a bill in the mail but it will be marked “Automatic Bank Draft”.  This is mailed to you for your record keeping purposes only.

Q:  How much are the service charges? (transfer fees, returned payment fees, etc.)
A:  If your account is in arrears to the point that your account makes it on to the Cut Off list, $25.00 (whether your service actually gets turned off or not).  Returned Payment Fee, such as NSF, account closed, etc., $25.00.  To transfer your service from one location to another, you will need to put up a new deposit for the new location then when service is turned off at the old location, any amount owed plus the final bill will be deducted from your old deposit and any remaining deposit amount will be refunded to you.

Q:  Does the City really read my water meter each month?
A:  Yes, the City of Jennings Water Revenue personnel reads your water meter every month.  The meters are manually read and the readings are entered into a hand-held computer by the meter reader.  Back at the Water Revenue Office, the hand-held computers are uploaded to a desktop computer which checks and marks meter readings that are out of the expected high/low range. Reports are printed that show the out-of-range readings, meters that were skipped, the date and time the meter was read and any notes the meter reader may have entered.  These reports are examined by the supervisor.  Every effort is made to recheck all questionable meter readings and get readings of the ones that were skipped, prior to printing the bills.

Q:  Can I pay my utility bill online or over the phone?
A:  Yes! We now have the ability to accept credit cards, debit cards and electronic checks for water bill payments both online and over-the-phone. Click on the “Make A Payment” button in the left column and follow the directions.  You will be redirected to Payment Service Network (PSN), our secure electronic payment processing company’s website.
However… If your service has been disconnected due to non-payment, payment in the form of cash or money order only will be required before service can be restored.