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Questions And Answers Concerning Automatic Bank Draft

Questions And Answers Concerning Automatic Bank Draft

Q.  What is Automatic Bank Draft?
  Automatic Bank Draft is a service that allows you to automatically pay your monthly water bill using your checking account, but without writing checks.

Q.  How does it work?
  A monthly bill will be mailed out, but you won’t need to write a check.  The bill is mailed for your record keeping purposes only.  The total amount of your bill will be deducted automatically from your checking account.

Q.  How much does this service cost?  Is there a set up fee or monthly service charge for this?
A.  There is absolutely no charge for this service.  It’s FREE!

Q.  How long will it take for the Automatic Bank Draft to take effect after I enroll?
  Your water account will be drafted for the total amount due effective with the first billing after you turn in the completed form.

Q.  Why do I need to attach a voided check to the enrollment form?
  It is the easiest way to be sure that all information is correct.  It is the best way to avoid mistakes that may slow down the enrollment process.

Q.  Will I be notified of the amount and date of the withdrawal?
  You will receive a statement from us in the mail, which you do not write a check for.  It is only for your records.  Your bank statement will show the amount and date of the withdrawal. (Approximately 2 weeks after our billing date.)

Q.  What if I disagree with a bill?
  If there is ever a question regarding a water bill, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can resolve any discrepancies.

Q.  What if I decide to change to a different bank or bank account number?
  If you plan to change banks or accounts, the Water Department needs to know this as soon as possible.  You will need to fill out a Bank Draft Cancellation Form authorizing us to stop drafting your old account, then you simply fill out and sign a new enrollment form and attach a voided check from your new account.

Q.  What if there is a problem with my bank account?
  If the payment is refused by your bank for any reason, including insufficient funds, closed or unauthorized accounts, you will be charged a fee by the Water Department along with any usual bank charges.

Q.  How do I stop the Automatic Bank Draft should I decide to do so?
A.  Just simply fill out and sign a Bank Draft Cancellation Form and send it in to us or drop it by our office and we will stop drafting your account immediately.


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